Platform Editions

Latest EditionJul 2023
Platform 21st editionThe Calm Before The StormRead Full Edition
Covers the uses and abuses of social media, a Russian mutiny, eat the rich attitudes in the wake of the OceanGate Tragedy, a preview of Republican presidential primary, and an interview on Iranian politics with Dr. Ori Goldberg.
Jun 2023
Platform 20th editionWill There Be Responsible Leadership?Read Full Edition
This edition covers topics diverse as the Pakistani military and political power structure's persecution of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, some of Trump's potential legal defenses in the two ongoing cases against him, a commentary on the ESG movement and its fit for Israel, the Biden administration's doomed and desperate efforts toward stoping Iran from the getting the bomb, and an interview with MP Shams on security conditions in the Palestinian Authority.
May 2023
Platform 19th editionProtestations and RevolutionsRead Full Edition
Covers the 2023 first round of Turkish elections, the AI revolution, Ukraine's patriot system's interception of the much hyped Russian Kinzhal missiles, the causes behind the judicial reform movement, and an interview on global jihadi movements with Dr. Michael Barak.
Apr 2023
Platform 18th editionTrial and ErrorRead Full Edition
Covers the case for judicial reform in Israel, the consequences of the Russo-Ukraine conflict related Discord leak, the Saudi-Iranian agreement, and the reasons why Republicans should "dump" Trump as their candidate in 2024.
Mar 2023
Platform 17th editionLaw and OrderRead Full Edition
This edition covers the revelations over the Nord Stream Affair and Russo-Ukraine War, the need to revive the American military industrial complex to cope with the Russo-Ukraine War and other concerns, European concerns over Israeli judicial reforms, an analysis of the Turkish earthquakes and whether Israel is prepared for a similar natural disaster, an interview with Chat GPT, and a Voices in the Crowd section on Israelis take on their country's preparedness over an earthquake.
Jan 2023
Platform 16th editionCommerce and Civilization Read Full Edition
Covers American consumer practices, the murder of an Israeli Druze, the recent flare up in the Serbian-Kosovo conflict, McCarthy's quest for the Speakership of the House of Representatives, and a Voice in the Crowd section on American elections.
Dec 2022
Platform 15th editionNew LeadershipRead Full Edition
Covers the direction that Elon Musk is taking Twitter, perspectives on the American midterm elections, the Israeli national election, an interview with Eric Bauman on American politics, and a Voices In The Crowd segment on the Israeli electorate and their choice.
Oct 2022
Platform 14th editionDemocracies Under ThreatRead Full Edition
The 14th Edition features an Interview with former Chancellor of Austria Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer discussing European politics and a voices in the crowd that covers attitudes of everyday Europeans towards the threat of a nuclear Iran. There are also articles about the fall of the UK government under former PM Liz Truss, Lapid's recognition of the two-state solution and Abbas's rejection of peace, in addition to an article comparing Inflation in the US and EU and another article covering the recent increase in tensions between China and Taiwan.
Sep 2022
Platform 13th editionSummer Edition: The Search for Global Leadership Read Full Edition
Covers political crisis in Israel and France, the resignation of Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, the legacy and fallout of the assassination of Shinzo Abe, the crisis in Sri Lanka, the ongoing crisis of legitimacy occurring in many of America's institutions, a voices in the crowd section on whether people support the EU's sanctions on Russia, and an interview with the former Member of Knesset Amichai Chikli on Israeli coalition politics.
Jun 2022
Platform special 12th editionOne Year Anniversary Edition Read Full Edition
Covers the danger to civil liberties that the Disinformation Governance Board entails, who can be a 2024 replacement Democratic presidential candidate, warnings about the Supreme Court's decision to abort woman's reproductive rights, the social media coverage and implications of the Heard-Depp trial, an interview with Professor Randolph Kahn on the law and social media, and a survey of views on gun control.
May 2022
Platform 11th editionLiberation: The Journey to Freedom Read Full Edition
Covers an analysis of various elections in April and what they may reveal about the public responsiveness to the sanctions regime on Russia, an article on the function of the Supreme Court, an article on how Ukraine continues to trouble Putin and the threats of the conflict going beyond the borders of Russia and Ukraine, an analysis on the poor economic state of the United States regarding its mounting inflation problem, an interview with MK Yaakov Margi, and a Voices in the Crowd section on how people would vote in the event of another Israeli election.
Apr 2022
Platform 10th editionShifting PowerRead Full Edition
Covers Modi's silence on recent outbreaks of incidents of communal violence in India, an analysis of the global balance of power in the aftermath of the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, an article on what Putin's endgame is in Ukraine and whether this can be called a victory for Russia, and an article about the end of mask mandates over Covid. Also present in this edition is an interview with Professor Moghadam on the recent terror wave in Israel.
Mar 2022
Platform 9th editionWar and PeaceRead Full Edition
Articles in this edition cover the separate Russian and Ukrainian strategies to win the war, the serious flaws with Amnesty International's report on Israel, an analysis of the style of the American State of the Union, and a case for an election system based on the Borda system. Also includes a Voices in the Crowd section on the worldwide inflation crisis.
Feb 2022
Platform 8th editionMounting TensionsRead Full Edition
Covers how an Israeli Arab party has transformed Israeli coalition politics, the militarization of the Chinese space program, updates from the Saudi war in Yemen, and an article on the Kazakhstani protests. Interview is with Eli Vered Hazan on the subject of Benjamin Netanyahu and the state of Israeli foreign policy.
Jan 2022
Platform 7th editionGlobal Challenges: Between Crisis and InnovationRead Full Edition
Covers the mounting crisis in Ukraine while offering a prospect of resolving this tension diplomatically, what is driving the US crime wave, the new political order in Chile, and Covid policy. The Voice in the Crowd section is dedicated toward opinions of Ukrainians and Russians on their countries's meltdown in relations. The interview for this edition is with American pundit and pollster Richard Baris on the subject of the mood of the American electorate toward the current administration.
Dec 2021
Platform 6th editionResolutions: The Promise of New Opportunities Read Full Edition
Covers the American boycott of the Beijing Olympics, the threat of a Russian invasion in Ukraine, a change of government in Germany, and the Republican upset in the Virginia election. This month's interview was with Professor Zelkovitz on Palestinian politics.
Nov 2021
Platform 5th editionConfrontation: The Meaning of Freedom Read Full Edition
Covers topics from Facebook's new policy change toward journalists and its implications, Chinese hypersonic technology, civil strife in Ethiopia, what conservatives should do about cancel culture, and an interview on Canadian politics with former senator Linda Frum.
Oct 2021
Platform 4th editionGoing Into Uncharted WatersRead Full Edition
Featuring articles ranging from geopolitical to tech industry issues and an interview with IDF general Nitzan Nuriel
Sep 2021
Platform 3rd editionWill There Be Accountability?Read Full Edition
Contains articles focused on recent and historical issues in the US and Israel and a featured interview with Professor Elliot Abrams
Aug 2021
Platform 2nd editionWhy the Status Quo in Societies Around the World Could be UpendedRead Full Edition
Discussions on climate change, the new Israeli government, the changing society in Chile, the Ethiopian-Egyptian dam dispute, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a special interview with a Nobel Prize nominee.
Jul 2021
Platform 1st editionAt a Crossroads: Discussing the Important Trends Shaping the Decisions of TomorrowRead Full Edition
Discusses political developments like socio-political turbulence in the Ivory Coast, the CDU's struggle over its post-Merkel identity in Germany, a critique of American attempts to re-enter its nuclear deal with Iran, and the broader rule of law questions that are surfacing in the aftermath of the Chauvin verdict in the US. It also contains an interview with Rabbi Abraham Cooper.